HubSpot product updates - April 2021

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30 April 2021

HubSpot is always 'SFTC' (solving for the customer) to help companies digitally transform their marketing, sales and customer service operations. As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we love everything that HubSpot has to offer to help industrial, technical and engineering companies grow. Here's the highlights of the product updates (and a new Hub launch!) in April to help you get the most out of the platform and accelerate your sales, marketing and customer service.

Operations Hub

Introducing the newest Hub!

As companies scale, systems snowball, processes multiply, and data gets messy. Before long, disconnection ensues and efficiency tanks. HubSpot wants businesses to run better as they scale. Enter Operations Hub.

Operations Hub supercharges HubSpot’s CRM platform with brand new native integrations, robust data quality tools, and more flexible automation. With Operations Hub you can stop fighting data fires and trust that your operations are set up for success.

Operations Hub introduces three new core features:

  • Data sync by HubSpot. You can now natively sync all of your customer data two ways and in real time with dozens of other business apps, including Google Contacts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Zendesk, NetSuite, and many more. You can find all the new integrations in the App Marketplace.
  • Data quality automation. Effortlessly maintain a clean CRM with the new out-of-the-box workflow actions that will format, fix and update your data automatically. These new actions are available in Operations Hub Professional.
  • Programmable automation. Your HubSpot automation is now as flexible as your imagination. In Operations Hub Professional, you can now use JavaScript to program your own workflow actions and execute even the most advanced use cases.

Operations Hub is designed to align your teams around clean and connected data to help your systems adapt to ever-evolving customer needs, and to keep your business process efficient as you scale. We can't wait to hear your feedback!

Some of Operations Hub's features are included for free in your subscription; others require paid upgrades. To learn more, you can read all about Operations Hub here.


New reporting to unpack the customer journey

All Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers now have access to three new reports that measure the time between key conversion points in the customer journey:

  • Average time to become a customer by lifecycle stage
  • Average time to convert created contacts into deals by source
  • Average time to convert created contacts into closed deals by source

You can now track and measure the time between two moments in HubSpot. This is a game changer for marketers looking to understand 'marketing velocity' – the parts of your marketing strategy that help you most quickly achieve a given goal, like generating leads or closing deals.

Now, you can leverage three new reports to help you understand your business's average time to convert contacts to opportunities and opportunities to closed deals. Plus, you can unpack the average time to become a customer by lifecycle stage.

7 new SEO audits

The SEO audit tool can now check both HubSpot-hosted and external websites for 7 new issues across several categories. Altogether, we can check any website for 35 different issues that affect its performance, mobile experience, ability to get crawled and indexed, user experience, security, on-page SEO, and accessibility.

The 7 new issues the tool now checks for are listed below. All of these checks leverage our built-in integration with Google Lighthouse, an open-source library developed by Google to make it easier to build websites that provide a good experience to both search engine crawlers and human visitors.


  • Page has resources don't load over HTTP/2
  • Page makes large network requests
  • The largest element on the page (LCP) loads too slowly


  • Page doesn't have a language defined
  • Page has a language value defined but it's invalid

User Experience

  • Page has a high Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) score
  • Page has images with an incorrect aspect ratio


Deal automation

Deal automation

Deal automation can help you keep your pipeline clean and updated so your reps have the clarity to understand which deals to prioritise to meet their goals, and managers have clear visibility into their pipeline. With deal automation, Pro+ Marketing, Sales, and Service users can now put lead nurturing and CRM property updates on autopilot. Customise your customer journey journey by triggering a workflow any time a deal stage changes or a prospect or customer visits a page or views a piece of content to move them to the next step in the process.

Salesforce custom object one-way sync

You can now sync custom objects from Salesforce into HubSpot. With this new Salesforce integration feature, you can seamlessly set up a new custom object sync and start pulling records into HubSpot. With every custom object sync, you will also have sync features out of the box: sync settings, customisable field mappings, and sync health.


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