HubSpot updates for July 2023

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1 August 2023

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and engineering, effective digital tools are paramount for productivity and success. As the industry evolves, HubSpot stays ahead of the curve, constantly delivering game-changing updates designed to streamline your operations and optimise your customer engagements.

Throughout July, we've seen a myriad of enhancements and additions that promise to revolutionise the way manufacturing and engineering companies interact with the HubSpot platform. This blog post dives into the details of these July updates - from the cutting-edge redesign of the HubSpot Template Marketplace, AI-powered features for data management and accuracy, enhanced scheduling and personalisation features, to new reporting tools and privacy controls.

No matter your business goals, these updates aim to equip you with the tools and insights to achieve them more efficiently and effectively. Read on to discover how these updates can transform your business operations and customer engagements.

Redesigned HubSpot Template Marketplace now offers new standalone modules

Thanks to the right tools, anyone can effortlessly create an immersive website experience, regardless of their technical know-how.

HubSpot revealed the exciting launch of a cutting-edge template marketplace. This dynamic marketplace showcases a vast array of powerful web designs, comprising themes and standalone modules. Notable features include:

  • HubSpot Template Marketplace hosts new getting started content and an enhanced collection experience that highlights some of our favourite themes, including the latest Best Themes for New Modules.
  • Themes are a cohesive bundle of page templates and design components with plenty of styling options, so you can quickly bring your website to life.
  • Modules are reusable building blocks that add more functionality to your website, going beyond the basics of a theme.

New standalone modules include:

  • More interactive displays, like cards with flip animation, unfurling content, video playlists, and hover effect imagery.
  • More engaging designs, like animated statistics, scrolling ticker tape, and countdown clocks.
  • More elegant formatting, like stylized headers and quotes, maps, visual timelines, image and logo galleries.
  • More compelling offers, like pricing, donation, and subscription calls-to-action.

By revamping the template marketplace, introducing top-notch themes, and incorporating innovative standalone modules, HubSpot strives to establish stronger connections between you and a network of web development and design professionals. Their cutting-edge templates will empower your team to prioritise the most important aspect – providing customers with a delightful experience.

Goals Overview Tab

Get a comprehensive birds-eye view of all your goals, targets, progress, and status for the entire year, without losing any context. Now, you can easily identify trends, make edits to targets, and have a snapshot of the year, all in one convenient tab!

By combining the 'Manage' and 'Overview' tabs, users can seamlessly connect the goal creation experience with an efficient goals management experience. This means you can effortlessly package up large amounts of goals data in a contextually connected and easy-to-understand format.

HubSpot's goals overview

Daily AI-powered duplicate checks for contacts and companies

Every day, the manage duplicates tool utilises the power of AI to conduct automated scans for any new duplicate contacts and companies. It then presents potential matches for merging, all within the same tool.

The current frequency of the manage duplicates tool, which checks for duplicates every two weeks, may not meet the needs of teams striving to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date contact and company information.

HubSpot's duplicate records report

Working Hours + Custom Voicemail

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it is crucial for teams to effectively plan and synchronise representative availability, as well as maintain a consistent brand image. The implementation of Working Hours settings allows for seamless coordination of staff availability, ensuring that there are no gaps in customer service. Moreover, by personalising voicemail messages, you can provide a unique and captivating experience for callers, leaving a lasting impression.

Setting working hours in HubSpot allows users to optimise their availability and ensure they are accessible during business hours. By defining their daily availability based on specific time zones, representatives can effectively manage their schedules and cater to global customers. This feature is particularly valuable for administrators who can strategically plan staff coverage, ensuring there are enough representatives available to handle incoming calls.

Custom Voicemails empower your teams to infuse a personal touch into their voicemail messages, fostering a direct connection between your customers and your brand. By incorporating a personalised greeting that includes the representative's name, company, and availability, you not only save valuable time but also ensure that every caller receives a consistently professional message. This personalised approach cultivates stronger relationships with both customers and prospects, significantly increasing the likelihood of them leaving a message or returning your call.

Rounding for Custom Calculated Properties

Precision is paramount when it comes to calculations. With the new feature of rounding for custom calculated properties, you can now ensure more accurate results and streamline your workflows. Whether you're dealing with financial data, statistical analysis, or any other calculations, our rounding options offer the flexibility and precision you need, eliminating the need for any cumbersome workarounds.

AI-powered location formatting suggestions for Contacts and Companies

The data quality formatting issues tool now offers an innovative solution for location formatting suggestions. When it comes to location data (Country, State/Region, Timezone, Zipcode), it often arrives in various formats, causing inaccuracies. This lack of standard formatting makes it challenging to generate reports, lists, or trigger automation. To address this, our AI-powered feature automatically suggests the correct format for your business, simplifying the identification and resolution of potential issues related to location properties.

New totals for Quotes

To improve the buyer experience and streamline transactions, HubSpot has introduced a new totals summary for merchants. This provides sales reps with a clear view of what buyers owe today, future payments, and due dates. Additionally, the new public Quotes feature breaks down each line item, including cost, billing frequency, unit price, discounts, taxes, and fees. This allows buyers to quickly identify any discrepancies or ask questions before finalising the transaction. By providing transparent and comprehensive information, the buyer experience is enhanced for merchants and their customers.

Book meetings on behalf of other users in Service Hub

This exciting update revolutionises the way teams manage their meeting bookings, offering a seamless solution for all scheduling requirements. Gone are the days of navigating through scheduling pages to book meetings on behalf of others. With a simple click, users can now effortlessly schedule meetings for the appropriate representative directly from the contact record, saving valuable time and streamlining the entire process.

HubSpot's book meetings on behalf of other users

The campaign template library now offers 10 new HubSpot templates

The campaign template library has been enriched with 10 brand new HubSpot campaign templates, providing you with an extensive range of options to create highly effective multi-channel campaigns in HubSpot. These templates are designed to make campaign creation even more seamless and user-friendly, allowing you to achieve greater success in your marketing efforts.

  1. Abandon cart
  2. Email drip campaign
  3. In-person event promotion
  4. Internal newsletter
  5. Loyalty program
  6. Nurture
  7. Onboarding & welcome
  8. Product launch
  9. Product sale
  10. Re-engagement

Reporting on Call Object

Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and potential issues related to churn with the new single object report feature. By analysing the frequency and duration of incoming calls, you can assess customer engagement and identify areas where additional support may be needed. Additionally, this feature helps identify potential issues or inefficiencies in call logging and tracking, ensuring that all calls are properly concluded and documented.

Support for Global Privacy Control

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is an innovative signal that empowers website visitors to express their preferences regarding the selling or sharing of their personal data. With HubSpot, you can now seamlessly process GPC signals from your website visitors, allowing you to protect their privacy by preventing cookie tracking without requiring them to decline your cookie banner.

Starting in July 2023, GPC will become enforceable under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), giving website visitors the ability to automatically indicate their preferences when it comes to the selling or sharing of their personal data. This new method is much more convenient compared to the traditional approach, where visitors had to search for a 'Do Not Sell' button on every website they visited and manually submit their preferences.

The impact of this regulation is significant for websites operating or marketing to customers in California. Supporting GPC signalling is crucial for respecting opt-out preferences and avoiding legal and financial risks. By embracing this new method, companies can prioritise their customers' privacy and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

WhatsApp Improvements in the Conversations Inbox

To provide exceptional customer experiences, several updates have been announced to enhance the WhatsApp inbox. With the introduction of features such as Read Receipts, Message Metadata, Message Quarantining, and Move between inboxes, we are continuously improving the WhatsApp channel to ensure seamless communication and increased customer satisfaction. These updates enable more efficient and effective conversations between our customers and their clients, allowing them to connect effortlessly and conveniently.

Link to data quality formatting issues post-import

Customers can now easily identify any potential formatting issues after running an import and have a direct link to resolve them within the formatting issues tool. This update also allows for filtering by import in the formatting issues view.

By updating the CRM with imported data, customers can have real-time insights into the quality of key properties such as First Name, Last Name, and Email. Additionally, AI-powered suggestions are provided to help customers quickly and efficiently address any issues that may arise.

Create Ad Goals within Ads

Tracking the performance of your ad campaigns is crucial for success. With the ability to set ad goals in HubSpot, you can easily monitor and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns alongside your reporting. Stay informed and stay on top of your ad goals with HubSpot's comprehensive tracking capabilities.

The goals that are now available are:

  • Contacts from first form submission: This allows you to monitor the total number of contacts from all campaigns that clicked on a tracked ad and then submitted a form on your website for the first time during a session for a single or multi ad campaign.
  • Network conversions: This goal allows you to monitor the combined number of actions performed by individuals as defined in each Ad network for a single or multi ad campaign.
  • Cost per contact in a lifecycle stage: This goal enables you to monitor the advertising expenses associated with each contact in a designated stage of the customer journey who fulfils the criteria of submitting a form for the first time during a session in a single or multi-ad campaign.
  • Number of contacts in a lifecycle stage: This goal allows you to monitor the number of contacts in a specific stage of the customer journey (such as Lead, Marketing qualified lead, Sales qualified lead, etc.) who fulfil the criteria of submitting a form for the first time during a session in a single or multi ad campaign.

Google enhanced conversions

As the use of cookies diminishes and ad tracking becomes more restricted, it is crucial for advertisers to find a secure and privacy-centric way to transmit their conversion data back to the ad networks. With the implementation of enhanced conversions, HubSpot takes the lead by sending the data from form fill submissions directly to Google's server side. This not only allows for the recovery of conversions that may have otherwise been missed but also enhances bidding optimisation and ensures privacy by securely hashing first-party customer data.

  • Recover conversions that otherwise wouldn’t have been measured
  • Improve bidding optimization through better data
  • Be privacy safe with hashing of first-party customer data

Trigger workflows with Events and Custom Behavioral Events

Now, you have the power to initiate workflows based on specific events! This exciting feature allows for more personalised and timely automation, aligning perfectly with the way customers approach automation.

For instance, in the previous version of triggers (now known as "filter criteria" triggers), you would set up a workflow trigger like this: when a contact's city is "Dublin," then do 'x'. With the new event triggers, your trigger will be: when a contact's city changes to "Dublin," then do 'x'.

Additionally, there are some new exciting updates to triggers below!

  • Form interaction and form viewed events
  • Property value changed
  • Custom Behavioral Event trigger (more info here)
  • Object creation events
  • Sales document events
  • Sequence engagement events
  • Calling events (call started and call ended)
  • Meeting events (contact booked meeting + contact changed meeting outcome)

Content Approvals

Marketers have repeatedly stressed the importance of collaborating with others to develop content (landing pages, web pages, and blog posts).

With HubSpot's Content Approvals, marketers can now:

1. Host more of their content creation process natively within HubSpot

2. Experience fewer bottlenecks during the content creation process

3. Have greater confidence when reviewing, editing, and publishing content simultaneously with other users

4. Easily track changes between draft versions during the content creation process


If you'd like to see any of these updates in action, contact us, and we'd happily show you around.


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