HubSpot product updates - December 2020

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8 January 2021

Here's a recap of all the product updates released in December by HubSpot to help you grow your industrial, engineering or manufacturing business:


Video module in email

A video module in the drag and drop email builder. Using this module, you can add videos to your email and customise the video format for a tailored, branded experience.

New email editor design

Combining the simplicity of the drag and drop email editor with the power of the classic email editor to deliver a new unified editor experience. 

Multiple currency support in Ads Reporting

Many HubSpot customers have businesses in multiple countries that utilise different currencies. HubSpot has enabled the ability to convert all ad spend data into your portal’s company currency, so that you can see converted total amount spent and an ROI based on converted ad spend.

Commenting on campaigns

A commenting sidebar in the Campaigns tool that enables you to leave messages, tag teammates for feedback and collaborate in-app to execute great marketing without ever having to leave HubSpot. As our daily work moves online more and more, collaboration and seamless teamwork have never been more important. When working on a campaign in HubSpot, you'll often have questions, thoughts or feedback you want to share with your team. Rather than having to break your flow and switch to another app like chat or email, you now have an integrated commenting capability right inside Campaigns itself. 



The new tasks home for sales reps

See your upcoming tasks, meetings, prospect activity, and performance metrics in one place so that you can sell more in less time.

How long do you spend finding the right information for your buyers? Searching across your emails and tools adds minutes of time that you lose for selling. Tasks home gives you a personalised command centre with all of your tasks, meetings, engagements, and CRM details in one place. No more scrambling between different tools. Now you can track your prospects, scale your outreach, and build relationships with ease.



New attribution model: time decay

All multi-touch attribution reports now support a new attribution model: Time-decay.

Time-decay attribution is a multi-touch attribution model that gives some credit to all the interactions that led to your contact or customer converting. However, this models gives less credit (or 'decaying' credit) the further back in time the interaction happened.

Individual report partitioning

Now, you can partition individual reports that are not on dashboards to make sure that the whole team has access to the reports they need to do their jobs, and private data is gated only to the individual users who should have access.

Reporting is crucial to understanding channel performance and measuring progress against quarterly and annual goals. While some reports are built for the entire team to use, you may want to keep other reports on employee performance or other sensitive information private.

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